Friday, 21 September 2012

Loving right now

Welcome to the three new additions to my family! 

Base colour : Essie- Sand Tropez - £7.99 at Boots
Glitter polish : Beauty Uk, Posh Polish- No.12 Intergalactic - £3.49 at Superdrug
Necklace: H&M - £2.99 

This necklace is neon fun times on a string. I love neons, even more so in winter as they seem to pop with more vigour than in summer time. I was mainly drawn to the necklace as I tend to wear dark colours and this seemed like a fun way to spice up an outfit. The necklace itself is quite long so can be worn doubled (or tripled for you non-big headed girls!) or left to hang low. Definitely worth the £2.99 investment!

Essie has always been a hit and miss brand for me; if the polish is good and does not streak it is a brilliant brilliant polish, but time to time you get one that just wants to streak like a nudist on match day. However I noticed the brush seems to have been updated and I am sure this will mitigate some of the previous issues!! 

Essie- Sand Tropez is a brilliant polishes, it goes on smoothly and only needs two coats (although I could have gotten away with one coat). As for the colour it seems to be a slightly greyish brownish nude.... if that makes sense at all. My partner thought it was a nude but then it took him over a day to even notice I had changed my nail polish - (boys eh) 
 I honestly feel Sand Tropez is a grown up, sophisticated colour, one that is neither offensive or bold but just beautiful! It is really worth a look if you happen to be in a Boots or other stockist of Essie.

Glitter glitter everywhere! Intergalactic is beautiful, sure it is not a grown up colour like Sand Tropez but my god it is fun!!. Multi- coloured glitter suspended in clear polish; which is my favourite. I hate tinted polish in glitter polishes as it closes off options- I am looking at you Revlon-095 Facets of Fushsia. 
Intergalactic has multi coloured smaller round flecks of glitter as well as larger hexagon glitter. This is a fun polish that could work with all host of colours and one that I love love love. 

What are you loving right now? 

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