Wednesday, 19 September 2012

My Spiked Heels...

I won some crazy new shoes on Twitter from Chockers Shoes. I actually only just recently heard of them as I’d seen their ‘Skyscraper’ cartoon heel advertised online…
L O V E! L O V E! L O V E!

They frequently run competitions on their twitter account, and I was lucky enough to win a pair! ‘Cruz’ arrived in the post this morning - red suede effect covered in (sharp) spikes. They’re amazing, I love them! I own loads of shoes, but none with a 6.6 inch heel. I presumed that they would be really painful and near impossible to walk in, but I’ve worn them around the house for a fair while and so far so good.  Although… as I pretty much live in flats, I have to admit I’m not too sure how well I would cope on a night out in town…eek
I won them, so obviously they were free, but they usually retail at £39.99. All of their shoes are reasonably priced and there’s a massive selection, so if you want to check them out head to

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