Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Manicure Madness: Halloween Edition!

It's that time of year again...when you turn the lights off to avoid the trick or treaters! ;)

I was supposed to do this post a week ago as it becomes slightly redundant in a couple of hours! But nevermind, you might be attending some awsome parties this weekend or some of you might like to rock Misfits nails all year round!

I won't go through all of the products used as for a mismatched look like this most products will work. Just make sure that you use a fine tipped brush for the detailed parts!

If like me you're fixed to your social media accounts you might have seen some of the Halloween competitions running today, most notably the Topshop #TrickorTweet comp on twitter and instagram. If you haven't seen it yet check out the hashtag for some awsome nail and makeup ideas!

I had to take part with my own Halloween half undead look!

What do you think?

Monday, 29 October 2012

Bleeding Pumpkins DIY

Do not have time to carve a pumpkin this year but still want a little Halloween fun than this could be the DIY for you! 

Bleeding Pumpkin:

Wax crayons ( I used a pack from a Poundshop)
Glue gun
Hair dryer
Newspaper to protect your work surface
Oh and a pumpkin! 

1. Place your pumpkin on some newspaper to protect the table and break some crayons into sections (I chose reds but you could use any colour).

2. Depending on the size of your pumpkin decide the quantity of crayon needed to "bleed" down your pumpkin. For a large size pumpkin it would be best to break the crayon in half using both halves for each section (positioned side by side). With my little pumpkin I decided to use a third of a crayon for each section and only used two crayons overall, for a fuller effect use more crayon sections.

3. Once you have decided how to space out the crayons heat up the glue gun and carefully glue each section onto the pumpkin as seen in picture two.

4. Now that all the crayons are glued into position start to slowly heat the crayons with a hair dryer set on hot but set on low (blowing wise...that's what she said). This low setting prevents the wax from splashing all over the shop...I found this out the wrong way!

5. Slowly watch your pumpkin turn into a blood dripping horror!

6. Leave to dry fully

7. This step is for those who picked cheap crayons like me and finds when they have dried they lack shine and look a little chalky...not much like blood or gore! So carefully cover the dripping blood with Vaseline to create a wet look

And there you have it a dripping mess of a pumpkin! Although this could be done on oranges, vases (be careful!), picture frames... the possibilities are endless really!

What are you doing with your Halloween Decorations this year? 

Sunday, 28 October 2012

The trusty Biker jacket...

Let’s face it they’re great for any season…throw one over the most basic outfit and bam instant style! So make sure you have yours for A/W 2012/13!
There are so many around now, at different price points, in a million different styles; faux leather, leather, wool, cropped, quilted, studded etc. etc. etc. If you’re slightly obsessed like me this will cause you and your wallet some major issues and you’ll end up with a little collection!

Sweewe - Faux Leather
I bought this jacket a couple of weeks ago. I primarily bought it because I lurveee the studded shoulders! They add a little edge to any outfit! I also wanted it to be slightly oversized and casual so that I can easily throw it over a hoodie.
Osley - Faux Leather
 As you may know from my other posts, anything black and gold and I'm sold! This jacket is fitted with a studded collar, and slightly more dressy...

Mir & Michi - Leather
This jacket is from Dubai. I love how unique it is with its snake skin style pannels and gorgeous lining. The only thing that bothers me slightly is that the shoulder pads are a little too prominent. I've contemplated completely removing or changing them for something smaller, but as yet can't bring myself to unpick the stiching of the beautiful lining!
Diesel Black Gold  - Synthetic with leather buckles
This jacket is not your conventional biker jacket but I had to include it anyway. I love how different it is, half biker half mac. I haven't really seen anything like it on the highstreet, and it's the perfect jacket for the transition from Summer to Autumn.

Are you biker jacket obsessed? What's your favourite biker jacket style?

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Baby Butt!

Waitrose: Baby Bottom Butter

The dark nights are drawing in and with this comes the dreaded dry skin party that is winter! Want skin as soft as a babies butt? Well it seems like I have uncovered those babies secret; Baby Bottom Butter. 
I had read a while ago that mothers were raving about this product for its wrinkle busting powers and intense moisturising properties, so I had to try it. At around £2 pounds it seemed very good value and off I trotted a pot in hand. 

This product has no nasties; no parabens, no Sodium Lauryl Sulphate or none of the normally present items found in cheaper skincare which I do try to avoid as much as possible (And you should too) 
It does contain however Olive Oil, Hydrogenated Oliver Oil, Vanillin, Chamomile Oil and that is it.

The smell is to die for, best described by my partner as "white chocolate", essentially it is a sweet Vanilla smell which lasts on the skin for a while without being overbearing. 

The texture is initially quite thick but the oil's warm up to your body heat they become much lighter, although still feel like a relatively heavy cream (oil). If you hate hate hate heavy products on your skin this might not be for you, although you can use it anywhere on the body so I am sure you could find the odd elbow or knee to use it on. I normally hate heavy products on my skin but I can use this and as I normally use it at night it does not bother me as much as it might if I was to be using it in the day. 

The moisturising benefits of this product is amazing, I have never used anything that has left my skin feeling this nourished and pampered. It has never broken me out, which I worried about as it is an oil. The camomile oil means it is perfect if the skin is irritated as this helps soothe away any upset or redness.  
I also love the fact I can use it anywhere, it is a brilliant lip conditioner, helps pamper my feet, softens and nourishes those cuticles and many other uses for it! Oh it is good for babies butts too! 

This is my 10/10 product and my cheap winter saviour! 

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Manicure Madness! Classic Red & Black

It's easy to jazz up a plain nail by simply adding a black outline (or any other complementing colour!). All you need is a steady hand and a nail art brush or pen!

Products used, from left to right:
Models Own - Red Alert
L.A. Colours Art Deco Nail Art Laquer - Black
Collection 2000 - 2 in 1 Top Coat and Gloss Enhancer
Maybelline - Salon Manicure Anti-Breakage Base (Not Pictured - But I always prepare my nails with this as it protects them to some degree)
I bought quite a few new colours in the Models Own 50% Off Summer Sale, £2.50 a polish! Bargain! I actually really like this look with Models Own Jade Stone...
Top right: Models Own - Jade Stone
Left: Models Own - Bare Beauty with L.A. Colours Art Deco Nail Art Laquer - White
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Wednesday, 3 October 2012


This is by no means a complicated or ingenius DIY but sometimes that makes for the most satisfying you actually finish. I have a sea of half finished DIY's that I just lost steam with and as such have a lot of craft type supplies which do not have a dedicated home. I really wanted to try and organise myself better as I have the tendency to be a little messy....well extremely messy if I do not make a conscious effort to organise myself.

This chalkboard drawers tutorials is not only nostalgic (although it does worry me how many of you probably never had blackboards in your classrooms before white boards) but also practical giving me the chance to label every drawer with its contents. This would work brilliantly for people like me, families or for the odds 'n ends draw at home, so on to the tutorial.

You will need:       Drawers; we used untreated drawers from IKEA, Chalkboard paint; we used "Funky colours, Jet Black, Chalkboard paint" from B&Q, Paint brush, and Protected table; we used the plastic the drawers came in

1. Prepare Drawers, sand paper the drawers if they have been treated(painted or vanished) to ensure the paint will stick and so you have a smooth surface to work with. With these draws they needed a quick sand to produce a smooth surface. Clean the surface to make sure there is no dust left on the drawers.

2. Paint each drawer individually with a thin coat of chalkboard paint, ensuring you drag the brush in the same direction to create a uniform finish which looks even.

3. Leave to dry for a few hours, I left mine overnight but you probably do not need to wait that long. 

4. Once the drawers are dry, paint another coat of chalkboard paint as in Step 2

5. Again wait to dry, in this case I would recommend leaving them overnight to ensure through drying.

6. Volia! Now reconstruct your draws and get drawing! - Or in my case leave to dry and wake up to a mature boyfriend leaving his doodles on them! 

And so there you have it some nostelgic blackboard drawers!

 Hope you enjoyed this DIY and please share with us some of your brilliant organisation ideas!