Thursday, 18 October 2012

Baby Butt!

Waitrose: Baby Bottom Butter

The dark nights are drawing in and with this comes the dreaded dry skin party that is winter! Want skin as soft as a babies butt? Well it seems like I have uncovered those babies secret; Baby Bottom Butter. 
I had read a while ago that mothers were raving about this product for its wrinkle busting powers and intense moisturising properties, so I had to try it. At around £2 pounds it seemed very good value and off I trotted a pot in hand. 

This product has no nasties; no parabens, no Sodium Lauryl Sulphate or none of the normally present items found in cheaper skincare which I do try to avoid as much as possible (And you should too) 
It does contain however Olive Oil, Hydrogenated Oliver Oil, Vanillin, Chamomile Oil and that is it.

The smell is to die for, best described by my partner as "white chocolate", essentially it is a sweet Vanilla smell which lasts on the skin for a while without being overbearing. 

The texture is initially quite thick but the oil's warm up to your body heat they become much lighter, although still feel like a relatively heavy cream (oil). If you hate hate hate heavy products on your skin this might not be for you, although you can use it anywhere on the body so I am sure you could find the odd elbow or knee to use it on. I normally hate heavy products on my skin but I can use this and as I normally use it at night it does not bother me as much as it might if I was to be using it in the day. 

The moisturising benefits of this product is amazing, I have never used anything that has left my skin feeling this nourished and pampered. It has never broken me out, which I worried about as it is an oil. The camomile oil means it is perfect if the skin is irritated as this helps soothe away any upset or redness.  
I also love the fact I can use it anywhere, it is a brilliant lip conditioner, helps pamper my feet, softens and nourishes those cuticles and many other uses for it! Oh it is good for babies butts too! 

This is my 10/10 product and my cheap winter saviour! 

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