Monday, 29 October 2012

Bleeding Pumpkins DIY

Do not have time to carve a pumpkin this year but still want a little Halloween fun than this could be the DIY for you! 

Bleeding Pumpkin:

Wax crayons ( I used a pack from a Poundshop)
Glue gun
Hair dryer
Newspaper to protect your work surface
Oh and a pumpkin! 

1. Place your pumpkin on some newspaper to protect the table and break some crayons into sections (I chose reds but you could use any colour).

2. Depending on the size of your pumpkin decide the quantity of crayon needed to "bleed" down your pumpkin. For a large size pumpkin it would be best to break the crayon in half using both halves for each section (positioned side by side). With my little pumpkin I decided to use a third of a crayon for each section and only used two crayons overall, for a fuller effect use more crayon sections.

3. Once you have decided how to space out the crayons heat up the glue gun and carefully glue each section onto the pumpkin as seen in picture two.

4. Now that all the crayons are glued into position start to slowly heat the crayons with a hair dryer set on hot but set on low (blowing wise...that's what she said). This low setting prevents the wax from splashing all over the shop...I found this out the wrong way!

5. Slowly watch your pumpkin turn into a blood dripping horror!

6. Leave to dry fully

7. This step is for those who picked cheap crayons like me and finds when they have dried they lack shine and look a little chalky...not much like blood or gore! So carefully cover the dripping blood with Vaseline to create a wet look

And there you have it a dripping mess of a pumpkin! Although this could be done on oranges, vases (be careful!), picture frames... the possibilities are endless really!

What are you doing with your Halloween Decorations this year? 

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