Wednesday, 3 October 2012


This is by no means a complicated or ingenius DIY but sometimes that makes for the most satisfying you actually finish. I have a sea of half finished DIY's that I just lost steam with and as such have a lot of craft type supplies which do not have a dedicated home. I really wanted to try and organise myself better as I have the tendency to be a little messy....well extremely messy if I do not make a conscious effort to organise myself.

This chalkboard drawers tutorials is not only nostalgic (although it does worry me how many of you probably never had blackboards in your classrooms before white boards) but also practical giving me the chance to label every drawer with its contents. This would work brilliantly for people like me, families or for the odds 'n ends draw at home, so on to the tutorial.

You will need:       Drawers; we used untreated drawers from IKEA, Chalkboard paint; we used "Funky colours, Jet Black, Chalkboard paint" from B&Q, Paint brush, and Protected table; we used the plastic the drawers came in

1. Prepare Drawers, sand paper the drawers if they have been treated(painted or vanished) to ensure the paint will stick and so you have a smooth surface to work with. With these draws they needed a quick sand to produce a smooth surface. Clean the surface to make sure there is no dust left on the drawers.

2. Paint each drawer individually with a thin coat of chalkboard paint, ensuring you drag the brush in the same direction to create a uniform finish which looks even.

3. Leave to dry for a few hours, I left mine overnight but you probably do not need to wait that long. 

4. Once the drawers are dry, paint another coat of chalkboard paint as in Step 2

5. Again wait to dry, in this case I would recommend leaving them overnight to ensure through drying.

6. Volia! Now reconstruct your draws and get drawing! - Or in my case leave to dry and wake up to a mature boyfriend leaving his doodles on them! 

And so there you have it some nostelgic blackboard drawers!

 Hope you enjoyed this DIY and please share with us some of your brilliant organisation ideas!

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