Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Manicure Madness: Camo Nails!

Following on from my last post this is another funky way to fit camo into your life...

Although it is a little time consuming, it is relatively easy given that you don't have to be neat with the pattern!

I haven't listed the exact colours I have used as you can use a number of complimentary colours to pull off this design.
  • Start by choosing a base colour, for me this was a dark matt green polish.
  • Then added patches of your second colour (brown) in an irregular pattern on each nail, using a standard nail polish brush, keeping in mind not to cover too much of the nail as there are two more colours to add.
  • When adding the third colour (white) you will probably want to use a nail art brush for more precision - and again apply irregularly, with rounded edges, and make sure to overlap the edges of the second colour.
  • The last colour you choose to use needs to bring the pattern together, so I chose black. If you end with one of the lighter colours it could look quite messy. Again, use a nail art brush or pen and don't be afraid to cover over the other colours.
  • To finish add a clear top coat and you're done!

Let us know how you get on with trying it out yourselves!

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Quick tip: 1

Fudge! Your mascara has dried out....and you are already late for work

To get another go out of your mascara simply put two drops of either some eye drops solution or eye make up remover liquid (must be water consistency and Not a cream or lotion) into the mascara tube.
Use the brush to slightly mix the drops in and this should allow you to use the mascara one last time!

It goes without saying that you should not do this regularly! It is important to change your mascara regularly for hygiene reasons but when in a bind this rip might come in handy!

What are your favourite top tips?

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Naked Palette Dupe

I brought a new palette MUA's "Undressed" the other day for the sole reason that one of the colours looked a lot like SideCar by Urban Decay, and for £4 it seemed worth a punt.

When I went home to see how close to the Sidecar colour was the MUA version I was shocked to realise this palette was a clear and blatant copy of Urban Decays Naked Palette (the original) down to even the order of the colours!

Here is a comparison each colour side by side (Urban Decay first followed by MUA) taken in day light without a flash on my very pale skin;

It should be noted that there are some slight differences but on a whole I feel most people would not beable to tell the difference once placed upon the eyes. This is really the best Naked Palette dupe I have seen ever, MUA out did themselves with the "Undressed" Palette.

 However there is a difference in the quality which is my one sticking point. Urban Decays colours are better quality; more pigment and buttery than the MUA ones. Although it should be noted that for around 9 times cheaper it would be unfair to really expect the same quality in the MUA palette and ultimately the MUA palette does do the job.

I will admit I smiled realising this MUA palette could hold me over when I need to replace my Naked palette as some of the colours are starting to show real dents and around £36 pounds is a lot to pay to replace a palette that in reality I only use three colours from on a regular basis.

So if you have wondered about the Naked Palette but was unsure if it was worth the investment than maybe try MUA palette and see if they are colours you would turn to everyday (I do) or even suit. Then you can always upgrade to the Urban Decay original. The MUA palatte would also be perfect for a stocking filler for christmas or as a token present. The colours would suit most people and would be brilliant for those just starting out with make up or those who just like more natural tones.

What is the best dupe you have every found? We would love to hear! 

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Lauren Conrad Youtube Inspired nails!

 (Images from laurenconrad.com)

If you are like us at Stylalia you have been religiously watching Lauren Conrad from the Hills new DIY series on Youtube. While watching I can never help but think A) Her hair is so pretty! B) I love her nail polish. Now I will never have her pretty hair but I can try and copy her nail vanish!

After a little detective work (Google) I found out it was OPI "Thanks A Windmillion" nail polish.
 Sadly I do not own this, but in the mean time I decided to dig in my large stash of nail polish and found a slightly similar colour; Opi- Stranger Tide.

Its not a perfect match at all but it is in the right colour family. It should be noted that it looks closer in person! Either way it at least takes the edge off my want, so here is my Lauren Conrad inspired nails;

In its own right it is a lovely colour and was a delight to put on. 1-2 coats and it was perfectly opaque. Ok, so it is not a dead match but I can pretend.

What colours are you loving to wear right now?

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Killer Camo!

You always need a bit of Camo in your life! Just yesterday we saw Rihanna decked in camo for her SNL performance. It's been interpreted in so many different ways, and I think I'm not wrong in saying that nearly anyone can pull it off in one way or another. I think it looks amazing with the contrast of some really classic glamorous makeup i.e. bold red lip with winged eyeliner.

There are loads of ways you can incorporate it into your outfit. I've pulled together some great items you can buy right now to jazz up your autumn wardrobe...

Adding some camouflage to your outfit with a bag is a really easy way to get in on the trend.
This wouldn't actually be my first pick for a camo bag, as I would really love a camo barrel style bag. I think that would look awesome, but surprisingly I wasn't able to find one for sale at the moment. If you know where I can find one do let me know!
I love this jacket; I think it would look great over lots of outfits, the most obvious being chucked over a pair of skinnies and a vest top.
   Primark - Camo slim fit trousers - in stores now - £15
Great price, obviously as it's primark! These could look really good with some black hi tops.
Along with the bag, this is another easy way to incorporate camo. I’ve been dying to get hold of a camo scarf for about two months now, but I can’t find one that matches up to the image I have in my head. I always get clear images of things I want and then find myself unsuccessfully hunting to find the exact item! The All Saints one I have included here is gorgeous and subtle, and I'm considering buying it, but I'm also after something a little bolder – I’ll let you know if I find it!
So cute!
 These might not be for everyone, but I love them! Three massive trends in one, a wedge trainer featuring both studs and camo panels...stunning!

Thursday, 8 November 2012

How about it Stud...

We over at Stylalia love our studs and are over joyed that they are so in vogue for Autumn and Winter meaning they are all over the shops at the moment. I am sure you have noticed the lovely studded delights on offer some costing the world! So before you go running for your studded belts with nostelgia, I will show you some of my recent studded delights that will help update my wardrobe without costing a stud and an arm (groan)...

New Look: Suede boots (also avaliable in Brown)

I have not stopped wearing theses! They have a slight heel which adds a little height without the pain of a proper huge heel. These are comfortable and that lovely blend of causal and smart which means I have been able to get even more use out of them! Definitely worth checking out at your nearest New Look!

Primark Scarf - Gold Stud detail on the ends

This black jersey material scarf is a really easy way to incorporate the stud trend. It actually looks really smart on and luxe, so it is a brilliant way to dip your toe into the trend for a few pounds. 

Primark Wallet

I love this wallet! Everything about it screams to me, its rose gold hardware, the studded details, the twist on a "corporate" boring black wallet - Also the fact it again looks a lot more expensive than it was. 

So there you have it three easy cheap ways that I am incorporating Studs into my Autumn and Winter wardrobe! 

Are you loving studs right now?