Sunday, 11 November 2012

Killer Camo!

You always need a bit of Camo in your life! Just yesterday we saw Rihanna decked in camo for her SNL performance. It's been interpreted in so many different ways, and I think I'm not wrong in saying that nearly anyone can pull it off in one way or another. I think it looks amazing with the contrast of some really classic glamorous makeup i.e. bold red lip with winged eyeliner.

There are loads of ways you can incorporate it into your outfit. I've pulled together some great items you can buy right now to jazz up your autumn wardrobe...

Adding some camouflage to your outfit with a bag is a really easy way to get in on the trend.
This wouldn't actually be my first pick for a camo bag, as I would really love a camo barrel style bag. I think that would look awesome, but surprisingly I wasn't able to find one for sale at the moment. If you know where I can find one do let me know!
I love this jacket; I think it would look great over lots of outfits, the most obvious being chucked over a pair of skinnies and a vest top.
   Primark - Camo slim fit trousers - in stores now - £15
Great price, obviously as it's primark! These could look really good with some black hi tops.
Along with the bag, this is another easy way to incorporate camo. I’ve been dying to get hold of a camo scarf for about two months now, but I can’t find one that matches up to the image I have in my head. I always get clear images of things I want and then find myself unsuccessfully hunting to find the exact item! The All Saints one I have included here is gorgeous and subtle, and I'm considering buying it, but I'm also after something a little bolder – I’ll let you know if I find it!
So cute!
 These might not be for everyone, but I love them! Three massive trends in one, a wedge trainer featuring both studs and camo panels...stunning!

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