Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Lauren Conrad Youtube Inspired nails!

 (Images from laurenconrad.com)

If you are like us at Stylalia you have been religiously watching Lauren Conrad from the Hills new DIY series on Youtube. While watching I can never help but think A) Her hair is so pretty! B) I love her nail polish. Now I will never have her pretty hair but I can try and copy her nail vanish!

After a little detective work (Google) I found out it was OPI "Thanks A Windmillion" nail polish.
 Sadly I do not own this, but in the mean time I decided to dig in my large stash of nail polish and found a slightly similar colour; Opi- Stranger Tide.

Its not a perfect match at all but it is in the right colour family. It should be noted that it looks closer in person! Either way it at least takes the edge off my want, so here is my Lauren Conrad inspired nails;

In its own right it is a lovely colour and was a delight to put on. 1-2 coats and it was perfectly opaque. Ok, so it is not a dead match but I can pretend.

What colours are you loving to wear right now?

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