Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Manicure Madness: Camo Nails!

Following on from my last post this is another funky way to fit camo into your life...

Although it is a little time consuming, it is relatively easy given that you don't have to be neat with the pattern!

I haven't listed the exact colours I have used as you can use a number of complimentary colours to pull off this design.
  • Start by choosing a base colour, for me this was a dark matt green polish.
  • Then added patches of your second colour (brown) in an irregular pattern on each nail, using a standard nail polish brush, keeping in mind not to cover too much of the nail as there are two more colours to add.
  • When adding the third colour (white) you will probably want to use a nail art brush for more precision - and again apply irregularly, with rounded edges, and make sure to overlap the edges of the second colour.
  • The last colour you choose to use needs to bring the pattern together, so I chose black. If you end with one of the lighter colours it could look quite messy. Again, use a nail art brush or pen and don't be afraid to cover over the other colours.
  • To finish add a clear top coat and you're done!

Let us know how you get on with trying it out yourselves!

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