Thursday, 15 November 2012

Naked Palette Dupe

I brought a new palette MUA's "Undressed" the other day for the sole reason that one of the colours looked a lot like SideCar by Urban Decay, and for £4 it seemed worth a punt.

When I went home to see how close to the Sidecar colour was the MUA version I was shocked to realise this palette was a clear and blatant copy of Urban Decays Naked Palette (the original) down to even the order of the colours!

Here is a comparison each colour side by side (Urban Decay first followed by MUA) taken in day light without a flash on my very pale skin;

It should be noted that there are some slight differences but on a whole I feel most people would not beable to tell the difference once placed upon the eyes. This is really the best Naked Palette dupe I have seen ever, MUA out did themselves with the "Undressed" Palette.

 However there is a difference in the quality which is my one sticking point. Urban Decays colours are better quality; more pigment and buttery than the MUA ones. Although it should be noted that for around 9 times cheaper it would be unfair to really expect the same quality in the MUA palette and ultimately the MUA palette does do the job.

I will admit I smiled realising this MUA palette could hold me over when I need to replace my Naked palette as some of the colours are starting to show real dents and around £36 pounds is a lot to pay to replace a palette that in reality I only use three colours from on a regular basis.

So if you have wondered about the Naked Palette but was unsure if it was worth the investment than maybe try MUA palette and see if they are colours you would turn to everyday (I do) or even suit. Then you can always upgrade to the Urban Decay original. The MUA palatte would also be perfect for a stocking filler for christmas or as a token present. The colours would suit most people and would be brilliant for those just starting out with make up or those who just like more natural tones.

What is the best dupe you have every found? We would love to hear! 


  1. That is SUCH a convincing dupe! Great find :)

    Lela -

  2. Thanks! I was shocked! Love the blog by the way :D xxx