Thursday, 25 April 2013

How to de-bobble a jumper

The time of year has come to evil your knit wear and jumpers and run towards your sun dresses (or so we hope). With this comes the discipline of packing away all winter related items to make way for those summer clothes in the wardrobe.

As you regular readers know my discovery of vacuum bags has meant I am now thinking the time has come to be organised (and space saving). With this new outlook I have decided to make sure all my winter clothes that I am packing up are in tip top condition, no missing buttons, not fallen hems and no bobbles..... oh no bobbles allowed on my watch.

I have taken this fight against bobbles to the street and explored two differing manners to rid the blighters which both happen to be budget friendly.

First being the bobble off lint roller/machine from pound land for you guessed it a pound! This is essentially two spinning blade behind a metal grill. It is battery operated and makes one hell of a racket but it works well. Previously I have tried a more expensive version and although it did work slightly better they are essentially the same. The one drew back of the machine is the fact it can catch fabric if you are too heavy handed; as shown below

Now the method I am most excited about is the razor, which I have never tried before but boy do I love it! Simply take the cheapest disposable razor you can find (one without any moisturising strip). Here I have used a cheap Bic razor but 'own brands' would work just as well.
Gently glide the razor over the bobbled area a few times and you will see the bobbles disappear and a fine fuzz appear as in the photo below;

This means it is working! Keep going until all the bobbles have disappeared. If you think I am kidding on how good this works just look at the after photo;

Definitely try the razor method I urge you! Happy debobbling!

Do you have any tricks for clothes maintance? 

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

BEAUTY MYTH: Shaving makes the hair grow back quicker and thicker...

Every time I hear this it makes me cringe! Shaving does not make hair grow back thicker or any quicker. It may appear thicker but this is due to the hair being cut at an angle when you shave opposed to a hairs natural tapered end.
 Also I feel once you have shaved you notice the hair growth easier as you are more aware of it appearing and growing than when it is left to do its thing undisturbed...if that makes sense.

Waxing on the other hand pulls the whole follicle out (or should!) meaning any regrowth will have the natural tapered end unlike shaving.

But if you do not believe me let science debunk this old wives tale!

Children's health researcher Rachel C. Vreeman and assistant professor of pediatrics Aaron E. Carrol put this myth to rest:
Strong scientific evidence disproves these claims. As early as 1928, a clinical trial showed that shaving had no effect on hair growth. More recent studies confirm that shaving does not affect the thickness or rate of hair regrowth. In addition, shaving removes the dead portion of hair, not the living section lying below the skin's surface, so it is unlikely to affect the rate or type of growth. Shaved hair lacks the finer taper seen at the ends of unshaven hair, giving an impression of coarseness. Similarly, the new hair has not yet been lightened by the sun or other chemical exposures, resulting in an appearance that seems darker than existing hair.

Beauty myth: Shaving makes the hair grow back quicker and thicker is busted!

Do you know any myths that prove to be wrong? 

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Moving house : Holy grail product

A dash through Asda and I came across Vacuum pack storage for £4 pounds (for 5; 2 big, 3 medium). I thought why not give them a try. My gosh these were a god send in the move, they really did reduce the size of the clothes by a third!!!

Pop the clothes in, seal it up, then pop the hoover nozzle into the plug. Turn it on and the clothes reduce dramatically.

Although they worked brilliantly at the time a couple of the large ones (we brought 3 loads) did leak but this could be due to us being rough with them. All in all I would recommend them for anyone moving as a cheap, quick trick to make the process easier.

 I have heard mixed views on using vacuum packs for long term storage as some say mould can grow in them over a long period :/ (maybe adding a anti-moisture sachet may help with this. ) I must admit with two sharing a small-ish wardrobe one might need to employ some vacuum packs for off season items regardless of the possible risks!

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Soap & Glory Face Massage Mini Mitt

I bought this a couple of months ago, I’ve held off writing about it as I wanted to wait to give it a good go before fully making up my mind. I was actually looking in Boots for some sort of facial exfoliator at the time; I wanted something I could use with my cleanser, and this mitt was the only option they had except for those facial scouring pads which don’t look like they’ll be too kind to the face!
I have been using it daily and it really does live up to its claims, my skin feels brighter, softer and refreshed. It has fixed the drier areas of my face, and as a bonus has also helped me keep to a regular skin care routine, as I was previously a bit slack! Oops…

It’s good quality, easy to clean, and the little handle is also a handy suction cup, so you can stick it to your bathroom tiles when you’re done. I actually can’t think of any negatives!
I would definitely recommend picking up this wonderful little creation, you won’t regret it!

Monday, 4 March 2013

Living London Fashion Week AW13 !

What an exhilarating and enlightening (yet exhausting!) experience I had working during and in the run up to LFW!
I got to experience London Fashion Week from the perspective of a catwalk model, and let me tell you, it truly was a real eye opener, boy do these girls work hard!
I left all of my preconceptions at the door and experienced first-hand the hard work and dedication that goes on behind the scenes. Before entering this world I really had no idea of the extent of the demands made on a working model; trying to attend up to 30 castings a day located all across town, fittings, shows, conflicting priorities, long hours, 1:00 AM agency calls, and coping with jet lag and exhaustion. For me the craziness that is Fashion Week would end at the end of London Fashion Week, yet for many of the models, who had just flown in from New York Fashion Week, this was only the half way mark and they would soon be on their way to Milan and Paris!
As we all know Winter this year has been even colder and snowier than usual; which when you’re hotfooting it a mile up the road trying to reach your next appointment, multiple times a day, makes everything that little bit more difficult! Including fashion choices! It was all about trying to stay warm yet fashionable, which obviously meant compromise on both sides!
A highlight for me was ending up in places I would never have had a reason to be in had I not taken on this role for the agency. Castings and fittings really do take you to all manner of amazing locations, from artist studios in deepest darkest Hackney and beyond to stunning fashion headquarters. It was amazing attending fittings and seeing all of the beautiful collections before they hit the runway.  
It’s an exciting, vibrant time to be around London, especially for a fashion lover. East London is overtaken by the most beautiful and exotic girls all within a square mile, stomping the pavements to their castings. A huge part of fashion week is street style and when you head towards Somerset House during the show days, even before you’ve got off the tube, you get to see the most amazing outfits and pick up some serious style tips!
Of course during the week I was closely monitoring Twitter and Instagram to see live updates of the collections, but it was only after the close of LFW that I had the chance to sit down and fully catch up on all of the shows I had missed in the madness! Read on to see some of my favourite shows and looks for AW13…


Images from Catwalk


Saturday, 2 March 2013

Last Month in Pictures…

An amazing, but horrifically busy month – hence the lack of posts! working London Fashion Week, discovering East London, Professional Beauty 2013, awesome film screening, club filming, Totoro cupcake making…

Thursday, 31 January 2013

Quick Tip: 2

A quick tip if you want to achieve salon perfect nails…
I don’t know about you but whenever I apply nail varnish during the day I am too busy/impatient to wait for them to have properly dried…and in no time BAM! ...they’re dented or scuffed or have taken on a ‘textured’ look! To be honest even if I just sit quietly not touching anything for a good half hour it still happens! So…whenever you need pristine nails, make sure that you do them just before you go to sleep. This way, they have hours to settle and when you wake they will be rock solid, shiny and perfect!

Remember to use a good top coat, leave sufficient drying time between coats, and leave enough drying time after the top coat so that your covers don’t leave an imprint when you tuck yourself in for the night!

*Models Own - Purple Passion