Thursday, 31 January 2013

Quick Tip: 2

A quick tip if you want to achieve salon perfect nails…
I don’t know about you but whenever I apply nail varnish during the day I am too busy/impatient to wait for them to have properly dried…and in no time BAM! ...they’re dented or scuffed or have taken on a ‘textured’ look! To be honest even if I just sit quietly not touching anything for a good half hour it still happens! So…whenever you need pristine nails, make sure that you do them just before you go to sleep. This way, they have hours to settle and when you wake they will be rock solid, shiny and perfect!

Remember to use a good top coat, leave sufficient drying time between coats, and leave enough drying time after the top coat so that your covers don’t leave an imprint when you tuck yourself in for the night!

*Models Own - Purple Passion