Thursday, 14 March 2013

Soap & Glory Face Massage Mini Mitt

I bought this a couple of months ago, I’ve held off writing about it as I wanted to wait to give it a good go before fully making up my mind. I was actually looking in Boots for some sort of facial exfoliator at the time; I wanted something I could use with my cleanser, and this mitt was the only option they had except for those facial scouring pads which don’t look like they’ll be too kind to the face!
I have been using it daily and it really does live up to its claims, my skin feels brighter, softer and refreshed. It has fixed the drier areas of my face, and as a bonus has also helped me keep to a regular skin care routine, as I was previously a bit slack! Oops…

It’s good quality, easy to clean, and the little handle is also a handy suction cup, so you can stick it to your bathroom tiles when you’re done. I actually can’t think of any negatives!
I would definitely recommend picking up this wonderful little creation, you won’t regret it!

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