Thursday, 25 April 2013

How to de-bobble a jumper

The time of year has come to evil your knit wear and jumpers and run towards your sun dresses (or so we hope). With this comes the discipline of packing away all winter related items to make way for those summer clothes in the wardrobe.

As you regular readers know my discovery of vacuum bags has meant I am now thinking the time has come to be organised (and space saving). With this new outlook I have decided to make sure all my winter clothes that I am packing up are in tip top condition, no missing buttons, not fallen hems and no bobbles..... oh no bobbles allowed on my watch.

I have taken this fight against bobbles to the street and explored two differing manners to rid the blighters which both happen to be budget friendly.

First being the bobble off lint roller/machine from pound land for you guessed it a pound! This is essentially two spinning blade behind a metal grill. It is battery operated and makes one hell of a racket but it works well. Previously I have tried a more expensive version and although it did work slightly better they are essentially the same. The one drew back of the machine is the fact it can catch fabric if you are too heavy handed; as shown below

Now the method I am most excited about is the razor, which I have never tried before but boy do I love it! Simply take the cheapest disposable razor you can find (one without any moisturising strip). Here I have used a cheap Bic razor but 'own brands' would work just as well.
Gently glide the razor over the bobbled area a few times and you will see the bobbles disappear and a fine fuzz appear as in the photo below;

This means it is working! Keep going until all the bobbles have disappeared. If you think I am kidding on how good this works just look at the after photo;

Definitely try the razor method I urge you! Happy debobbling!

Do you have any tricks for clothes maintance? 

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