Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Moving house : Holy grail product

A dash through Asda and I came across Vacuum pack storage for £4 pounds (for 5; 2 big, 3 medium). I thought why not give them a try. My gosh these were a god send in the move, they really did reduce the size of the clothes by a third!!!

Pop the clothes in, seal it up, then pop the hoover nozzle into the plug. Turn it on and the clothes reduce dramatically.

Although they worked brilliantly at the time a couple of the large ones (we brought 3 loads) did leak but this could be due to us being rough with them. All in all I would recommend them for anyone moving as a cheap, quick trick to make the process easier.

 I have heard mixed views on using vacuum packs for long term storage as some say mould can grow in them over a long period :/ (maybe adding a anti-moisture sachet may help with this. ) I must admit with two sharing a small-ish wardrobe one might need to employ some vacuum packs for off season items regardless of the possible risks!

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